Jd Fiscus

Standard Nerd

Hello! I’m Jd Fiscus and I love nerdy things. Over the years in this industry I've worked in many different verticals and company sizes. I enjoy a good challenge so I'm continuously learning new languages and expanding my skillset. Also I truly enjoy managing teams both mentoring professionally and technically so I'm not afraid to role up my sleeves to dive into code. Lastly I have a passion for giving back to the tech community specifically getting kids interested in STEM, so I engage in publications, presenting, meetups, makerspaces, etc.

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Latest publications:

Intro to ROS and TurtleBot

Detroit Startup Week


  • 2005-Present

    Owner - iamFiscus LLC / Remote

    • Freelanced for a variety of technologies and industries
    • Software managing consultant

  • 2021-2022

    Senior Engineering Manager - ZenBusiness / Remote

    • Newly formed team establishing best practices
    • Manage team members located throughout US and South America
    • Full stack specifically focused on user engagement
    • Experience in NLU/NLP initiatives
    • Lead on accessibility compliance for WCAG 2.1 AA

  • 2021

    Engineering Manager - Innovation / Ann Arbor, MI

    • Managed a cross team engineers located the US and globally
    • Frontend and backend specific

  • 2017-2020

    Engineering Manager - Accenture / Detroit, MI

    • Capability Lead for all potential roles in the office
    • Interface with clients in person and on calls
    • Scope and estimate technical architecture
    • Manage a team of 8+ (frontend, backend, design, and scrum)
    • Mentor new hires from local partnered bootcamp
    • Career counselor for individuals in web development & industry X.0
    • Communicate with internal groups on an international scale
    • Teach Artificial Intelligence 101 to regional group of executives
    • Ecosystem board member to advance company outreach locally
    • Co-planner for Detroit Startup Week
    • Volunteer for multiple youth STEM events
    • Technical Architect on an Alexa skill using Alexa Presentation Layer
    • Technical Architect on voice-enabled autonomous warehouse robot
    • Technical Lead on custom dashboard for X.0 data driven metrics
    • Technical Lead on e-commerce application with responsive design
    • Technical Lead for voice-enabled data visualizations initiative
    • Technical Lead leveraging computer vision to identify safety concerns via video, and automatically shutdown robots
    • Technical Lead building an autonomous AI RC car with smart traffic light system

  • 2016-2017

    Engineering Manager - Turnitin / Austin, TX

    • Managed backend and frontend developers
    • Mentored existing developers to be promoted and compensated
    • Responsible for hiring new developers to build out the Austin team
    • Supervised the development of a javascript library/SDK
    • Directed the development of a company-wide CSS framework
    • Improved agile processes on the team, and CI/CD workflow
    • Communicated with various departments/stakeholders regarding requirements, project updates, and workflow on a global basis

  • 2014-2016

    Engineering Manager - Invodo / Austin, TX

    • Developed and budgeted multiple Scrum teams
    • Streamlined work processes between departments using webhooks and 3rd API’s
    • Worked with Product Team to strategize on business logic for multi-million dollar projects
    • Switched teams over to agile process, led daily standups, and minimized technical debt
    • Participated in senior management strategic planning process

  • 2011-2014

    CTO - Mindfulware / Montgomery, AL

    • Led team in building services including API, web, and mobile applications in insurance and mental health industries
    • Participated on sales calls to understand client needs

  • 2010-2011

    Web Developer - Fahrenheit Technology / Richmond, VA

  • 2008-2010

    Web Developer - Worth Higgins & Associates / Richmond, VA


Full Stack

Coming from a fullstack background I can still roll up my sleeves and dive into code.


Working with companies and clients to implement, improve or collaborate on agile workflows.


Truly enjoy mentoring davelopers, but also engage with groups of an organization to build projects that are quality, and scalable.


I have worked within the AWS environments in production, prototype, and experimental.

I am really interested in continuing my education, experimenting, prototyping, voluteering, and taking on new challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

We see A.I. being integrated into almost every industry vertical, but it's important to understand the pitfalls.


This is one of my favorite technologies, partly because it utilizes the Pub/Sub model. However I love the idea of interacting with so many sytems and devices.


Another technology which is growing rapidly, and bridging Human to Machine interactions.

Computer Vision

Iterperating what a machine sees is an interesting field, which most people think of recognition or autonomous computation but there is much more.


Intro to ROS and TurtleBot

Michigan Self Driving Tech: June 4, 2019

TurtleBot3: a powerful little robot for learning ROS (Robot Operating System)

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Detroit Startup Week (2019) - Jd Fiscus

Detroit Startup Week

2018 & 2019

Delivered presentations 2 years in a row at Detroit Startup Week. The first on leveraging IoT for smart city implementations, and the other on Computer Vision use cases.
Schedule: ( 2018 )   |   ( 2019 )

2018: Smart Cities Presentation   |   2019: Computer Vision Presentation   |   Homepage

Accenture opens new corporate office in Detroit's downtown

November 30, 2018

Members of my team and I worked on using computer vision and IoT to create a safe environment by interacting with machines.

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Working with the City of Detroit

November 30, 2018

At Accenture we very much interested in giving back to the city of Detroit. This was a very personal passion for me as well and was able to meet the Mayor.

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What About Mobile?

Ember ATX: September 22, 2016

This video is for implementing a hybrid mobile application using Cordova and EmberJS.

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